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  • 35mm Slide Scanning
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Convert Super 8 To DVD

Super 8 film, released in 1965, was a leap forward in home movie film. That same year marked the introduction of the Voting Rights Act of 1965, another leap forward, albeit it completely unrelated. We’ve come along way since then and its time to convert your super 8 film to DVD. We transfer film using a frame-by-frame method used by the Academy of Motion Pictures. Each frame is scanned individually when we convert Super 8 to DVD, then we compile the frames digitally removing flicker and providing clear, beautiful DVDs. If your Super 8 film has sound, we can convert that as well. 



Every format, we've got you covered.


VHS VHS-C Beta 8MM Mini DV Digital 8


  Awesome quality and guaranteed safety at industry beating prices.  

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Pittsburgh Photos Digital Transfer Services
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